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Hello and welcome to I have always been attracted to redbones and high yellow (hi yeller) girls. I have dated girls of all types, but I personally prefer redbones and hi yellers. This in no way means that other kinds of girls are not pretty, but just a matter of personal preference.

This is why I decided to start my very own web site featuring the sexiest redbones, high yellow, and light skin girls. Although I have to admit that I got a lot of initial help to start this project, my website is totally independent and unique; I am a “one man band”, and I love what I do. I just have a weakness for dem lite skinned, redbone, brite skinned, magnolia, whut ever you wanna call em.

I would like to team up with successful minded photographers who share a similar preference. I also promote models on my website, giving girls that overwhelming exposure to be seen.

Are you a sexy redbone or high yellow girl? Then come represent! ........Got some comments or feedbacks? I’ll like to hear from you... B. Cussack

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